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Cinderella Redhill


Cinderella - Harlequin Theatre, Redhill 1994 - 1995

Cast: Wayne Sleep, Peggy Mount, Frederick Pyne, Christopher Beeny, Jayne Collins, Martina and Melanie Grant and Stephen J. Dean.

Directed by John David

Choreography by Wayne Sleep

Musical Director Anthony Ingle

Produced by Lee Dean

Associate Producer Paul Ferris (du Fer)

Featuring The Betty Laine Dancers

Perriers Petite Ponies

Cinderella Redhill


Cinderella - Harlequin Theatre, Redhill 2012 - 2013

Cast: Andrea McLean, Lloyd Daniels, Francis and Wheatley, Abigail Welford, Dean Horner, Oliver Gray, Ezra Tafari and Alex Woolf.

Directed by Mark Piper

Choreography by Felicity Butler

Produced by Paul Holman

Company Stage Manager Paul Ferris (du Fer)

Featuring Luckens Shetland Ponies